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Experience Relief from Anxiety, Panic & Depression

provanaxIf you’re taking medications for stress, anxiety, panic attacks or depression there may be a better, natural solution available. Even if you’re not taking medications, experiencing these symptoms does not need to be endured. Sleepless nights, mood swings, general sadness and other symptoms can lead to more serious health risks, including weight gain, heart disease and even stroke. You can relieve symptoms associated with depression and stress with a natural, dietary supplement called ProVanax.

Safe and Effective

As a dietary supplement, ProVanax is regulated by the FDA and has already been approved. It has also been subject to clinical trials. Compared to a placebo, ProVanax reduced depression and related symptoms in all of its users. Those taking the placebo experienced little to no change.

While standard prescriptions for depression and anxiety often come with addition and other negative side-effects, ProVanax was shown to be non-addictive with zero long-term side-effects. Some users experienced mild nausea that went away after a few weeks of use.

The Ingredients for Happiness

Research shows that the ingredients in ProVanax are non-addictive, safe and effective. St John’s Wart has been recommended by doctors, and used as a supplement for depression for decades. Kava Kava is used as an anti-anxiety supplement and stress reliever, helping calm sufferers. 5-HTP helps the body produce serotonin, an important hormone for regulating an individual’s mood. ProVanax Reviews have sited the supplemented ability to combine these ingredients into a synergistic whole.

ProVanax reviews each of the ingredients online, providing hundreds of research articles and results showing the effectiveness, safety and impact on overall health and well-being for users.

A Solution that is in Your Hands

ProVanax reviews results and provides recommended usage guidelines for customers. Including how the body may adapt to the supplement, and how to avoid decreasing effectiveness over time. While it is recommended as a daily supplement, it is also possible to use it situationally when life just happens and you need extra support to make it through.

Depression, anxiety and stress affects millions of people worldwide. And while we all go through varying degrees of stress at different times, chronic depression and anxiety can lead to additional health concerns. There’s no need to continue to suffer. More and more people are discovering the benefits of feeling better, sleeping better, and being more relaxed each day.

Feel Better Fast and Forever

provanax reviewsDepression and anxiety hit everyone from time to time. But chronic sufferers deal with it on a daily basis, and experience additional health related challenges including higher risks of heart disease, belly fat from cortisol, and sleeplessness that only increases feelings of stress and depression. It’s vicious cycle. But now, sufferers can get off of the cycle – and stay off – with ProVanax.

Other natural ingredients that help promote good emotional health focus on only one of the factors involved. ProVanax focuses on all three:  dopamine, serotonin and cortisol. It is non-addictive, FDA approved, and safe for long-term usage without the long-term side effects that come along with typical prescription drugs.

Balanced Moods

Hormones play a significant role in how we feel. Dopamine is considered an anti-aging hormone that is associated with memory and libido. If it’s hard to focus or you’re feeling irritable, it is likely your Dopamine level is too low. Serotonin is associated with a general feeling of happiness. Craving surgary or salty foods as well as feeling hopeless or unmotived can be indications of low serotonin levels in your brain. Cortisol is released when the body is under stress and leads to increased belly fat. Increased belly fat can lead to additional health issues including heart disease.

While most natural supplements focus on balancing only one of these essential areas, ProVanax supports and balances all three, leaving individuals feeling happier, less stressed, and better able to get a good night’s sleep. Using a combination of St. John’s Wart, Kava Kava, Gaba, 5-HTP and other natural ingredients, has proven to be more effective for overall better health and well-being than other products.

Strong Foundation

For over 14 years, ProVanax reviews have included hundreds of studies and reports showing which natural supplements are the most effective and safest. ProVanax reviews have also included doctors reports and group testing against a placebo and shown that ProVanax users experienced lasting relief from depression, stress, and anxiety compared to placebo users.

Feel Better Now

If you suffer from depression, anxiety and stress there is relief available. While it is always wise to talk with your doctor, ProVanax reviews continue to show symptom relief in chronic sufferers while avoiding the typical side-effects of prescription medications. You can now feel better, sleep better, and decrease stress related health issues such as heart disease, by promoting hormone balance naturally.


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  1. can this product be obtained at health food shops or only online, I am on 150 gms Zoloft which is not working for me at the moment.

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